The Dagger-proof Drawstring Duffel

The fact that an anti-slash bag exists itself is a little worrisome but let’s just accept that life isn’t as simple as it used to be and stay on the safer side, shall we? In the most Batman-esque thing to happen to fashion and travel, the Loctote Industrial Bag Company now makes a bag so tough it can literally take a knife to the guts! Crafted out of the same material used in high performance body armor by law enforcers and security workers, the Loctote Flak Sack takes durable to the next level. The fabric of the tote bag takes the center-stage with the Flak Sack, and the design works around this wonder-material. The bag is a simple, soft, and spacious drawstring style tote with a minimalist style. Apart from being slash/tear resistant, the bag also protects your goods from water and even goes the extra mile to provide a pocket that blocks RFID waves from entering your bag. This means it blocks unauthorized scanning of your Credit/ATM Cards or other important documents… because theft can be not just physical but digital too.

You even get a brass padlock with the Flak Sack bag to secure it firmly from wary strangers’ hands. Talk about ultimate security! Way to ward off the hackers as well as the hijackers!

Designer: Don Halpern

Buy It Here: $149.99 $179