Modular furniture designed to adapt to the ever-changing moods of teenagers!

Adolescence tends to be a very confusing and awkward phase, where ‘personal space’ becomes of the utmost importance. Hence in an attempt to create a safe haven of sorts for teenagers, product designer Kafedra Mebeli created ‘Ladder’. Ladder is Mebeli’s concept of a collection of modular furniture for a teenager’s room, with various functions and versatility, allowing him/her to have ample space to themselves.

Drawing inspiration from an actual wooden ladder, she created twenty-four elements from solid beech, including crossbars. The crossbars are crafted from birch plywood and resemble the actual steps of a wooden ladder! Utilizing these elements, one can independently assemble diverse modules of furniture such as a cozy bed, a study table or work desk, and some much-needed storage space. The bed and the desk have been created to fit seamlessly together. The crossbars or the wooden panels can be attached to the desk or the bed, functioning as organizers, storage spaces, stationery holders as well as planters! One of the elements is a pin-board or magnetic-marker board to hold all your important little notes but also functions as a circular mirror when turned over. The bed itself has modularity bursting through its seams. The lower half of the bed can be used to store bed linens, towels or any other personal items. The headboard of the bed is detachable, so it can be easily removed or fitted according to requirements.

The entire collection has a very raw, wooden and minimalistic aesthetic. It’s simplicity, cohesiveness and bright colors make it the perfect accompaniment for the room of adolescents, who are known for their various phases! Though Ladder has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of teenagers today, it’s extensive modularity and high functionality make it the ultimate furniture set for people of all age groups!

Designer: Kafedra Mebeli