Kit for the Covert Cool-Cat

Stealth planes had aesthetics completely different from those of regular planes, didn’t they? You would expect a stealth fighter jet to be incredibly aerodynamic/flowy, but no… they had this fantastically faceted design that garnered at least a few “whoa”s when we were children. There’s at least one point in a child’s life where their ambition was to be a pilot, and more times than none, their plane of choice was the cool-looking stealth-fighter!

The Tessel Jet Pack gives you them nostalgic feels with its stealth-fighter inspired faceted design. The faceted panel’s alluring design boasts of being durable and at the same time have the flexible properties of a fabric. Aesthetically, the faceted panel looks great under lighting, while also having a tactile experience so uniquely calming, you won’t want to stop stroking it.

The Tessel is crafted not just with style, but also with a great material selection. The faceted panel is manufactured from a composite fabric, while the rest of the bag has a 210D Nylon construction, perfect for the urban lifestyle. The Bag comes with a front pocket right below the faceted panel for your easy-to-access essentials. The Insides of the bag prove to be spacious with a faux-fur lined sleeve that’s guaranteed to hold and carefully cushion your 15” laptop or tablet from not just outer impact but even the tiniest scratches that may arise from objects within the bag.

Obviously, the Tessel comes in the signature covert Black, paying tribute to the Nighthawk Stealth fighter. Pair this with a black hoodie and shades, and you’ll blend into the darkness! Or maybe you won’t because the Tessel Jet Pack is sure to grab eyes… and garner a few nostalgic “whoa”s!

Designers: Aaron Puglisi and Daniel Shirley

Buy It Here: $99.00 $140.00