Good Design killed Velcro®!

I think it’s safe to say it was high time the Velcro® hook & strap fastener died. It never had its place in fashion… it was always so tacky and noisy, and somehow I always managed to get my hair caught in it. Today, we bid farewell to the Velcro®, and usher in the age of the LABB (Loopless and Buckleless Band). An edgy yet comfortable strap for the Apple Watch, the LABB’s textured design acts as the fastener, allowing it to fulfill both an aesthetic as well as a functional role with confidence.

The LABB’s design really challenges the status quo. Its intricate aesthetic grabs the eye and makes one want to constantly engage with it. Fastening the straps is as simple as a jigsaw puzzle, and when joint, looks clean and flush, with the fastening mechanism becoming virtually unrecognizable. The design relies on merging negative with positive, and requires an interaction virtually identical to that of Velcro. Each of the two bands have complementary designs that can be pressed together at any point to join, and therefore complete the design. Entirely Swiss-made, and backed by tireless R&D, the LABB’s fluoroelastomeric strap material feels great to the touch. Its Swiss-engineered material is supple, odorless, waterproof, skin-friendly, and comes in five stylish color variants. You can choose between Classic Black, Brick Red, Prussian Blue, Military Green, or Timeless White.

The LABB’s anti-buckle fastening design holds great promise. Imagine having this on your shoes, or your belt, or dare I say, even on your clothes! This unusually beautiful and adaptive fastening mechanism can be engineered in various styles, suiting fashion’s ever changing needs. However for now, it holds its place firmly on your wrist, bedazzling anyone who sees it. Not to mention your hands aren’t going to get enough of playing with its incredibly inviting texture!

So say goodbye to the conventional, boring watch-strap and buckle up for a buckle-less experience!

Designer: Benjamin Hubert

Buy It Here: $47.00 $77.00