Never knew a Traffic Cone to be so Dynamic


During the day, it’s quite easy to see the brightly colored orange traffic cones lining the street around constructions zones or other driving hazards, but at night, most of them are barely lit and so it’s easy to run them over, or not see clearly what the dangers are that may lie ahead of you. This can cause a vehicle to run over the traffic cone, or be knocked down which can cause even more issues for the motorists to follow – an endless vicious cycle.

Well now we have the Dynamic Traffic Cone designed by Yuhui Wang. These environmentally friendly cones light up the way via their solar powered LED lights that make them more noticeable at night – even at a distance. The cones are easy to operate. Once you open the release, the LED lights will spring out to resemble a cone and can easily be replaced back into the cube for storage, taking up less space than the other type of cone we are accustomed to.

The bottom of the Cones are made from organic plastics which house the solar panels that light up the LED lighting. At 380mm wide x 380mm depth and 60mm height, these cones are perfect as a safe and convenient alternative to the traffic cones of yesterday, and definitely much easier on the eyes.

Designer: Yuhui Wang, Heli Du, Jian Sun, Wenkai Xue and Jie Wu