One Tent Two Tent One Tent

So! Winter is well on it’s way. There’s no way around it. As the world turns, so do the seasons *unless you don’t live in Minnesota, and you’ve got to understand that camping season is almost over! So make the best of it with the greatest tent invention since the tent itself: the tent connection device. Called “Abri Socio” by its mad-scientist creator, it will change the way you camp… FOREVER!

The mad scientist who created this camp-changing device is named Becky Greenwood. She’s got this idea that will bring camping people closer together without sacrificing their privacy.

It works by connecting two “two man” tents with a helpful storage container for tools and crackers and beers and such. Once camping is complete, the bag functions like a normal “extra” camping bag, creating a larger space to hold the tent than the bag that it comes with, making it twice as fast to pack up.

Get sociable!

Designer: Becky Greenwood


Abri Socio Tent Connector Bag by Becky Greenwood