A flat-packed dish drainer that assembles like a puzzle!

I’ve loved puzzles since I was a child! Piecing little bits together to create one wholesome picture was the ultimate pastime for me. The satisfaction and sense of achievement that followed were baffling. However, what if puzzles were extended to your kitchen tools? Would that make completing your chores in the kitchen a little bit more interesting? Well, in response to that product designer Louis Richard Marschal created ‘Nube’.

Nube is a dish drainer or a drying rack that can be easily assembled and disassembled as a…you guessed it, puzzle! Crafted from plastic, Nube comes in the form of a white rectangular panel, the varied parts of the drying rack (like puzzle pieces) have to be pulled out from the flat sheet and carefully assembled! Nube can be put together without the use of any tool. All that’s needed is some rational thinking and patience.

Nube’s disassociative nature makes it super portable, and a kitchen product that can be easily carried whenever the need arises. It can be easily disassembled, to create more space in the kitchen, hence making it a product that rates high on space efficiency as well. However this doesn’t compromise its size, Nube comprises of 5 racks on which full-sized plates can easily fit. It’s equipped with side panels, which resemble wings and can be used to hang glasses and cutlery. I’m always a fan of DIY products and watching this extend to everyday household objects, just makes ordinary experiences even more fun!

Designer: Louis Richard Marschal