Incredible Intangible Infrastructure!


Here’s an interesting thought. What if you had multiple projectors pointing at each other, would the projections form a 3D object?? If there were smoke in the air, or mist, very much so! That’s probably one of the many ways of creating a hologram. The Goethe House is something right out of a sci-fi novel. Envisioned as an entirely holographic piece of architecture, this complete building with four levels of floor plans is just something to fool your eyes. Try opening the door… It isn’t there. You can see the staircase, but can’t walk up it. Mind-bending, no?

Projected on a steam cloud, this piece of figurative architecture can change and morph, bending realms as you know them. Just think of a future where complete landscapes are regenerated to show you what our world looked like in the past, or will in the future! *shudders*

Designers: Shima Jahani & Parichehr Dehbozorgian.