This floating chalet supported by stones is the relaxing nature retreat you need

Designed by Loft Buro, the Enjoy in Silence Chalet is a warm and homely cabin located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The cozy chalet was initially a meditation retreat, which was later transformed into a relaxing haven, meant for solo travelers or peaceful gatherings. The cabin was designed, so as to completely merge with its natural surroundings.

Designer: Loft Buro

Wood, terracotta slabs, stones, and steel were used to build the chalet. Huge natural boulders form the foundation of the structure and support the cabin, giving the impression that it is floating in the air. Massive glass windows are placed on all three sides of the building, providing beautiful views of the surrounding. The rustic and wooden charm of the cabin allows it to harmoniously blend with the green landscape around it.

The interiors feature elongated bench-like furniture that is lined against the windows, and a ceiling covered in bamboo and wood arranged in an intriguing geometric pattern. The seating arrangement in the cabin ensures that whoever takes a seat, instantly catches a glimpse of nature outside. The furniture is primarily crafted from up-cycled wood, derived from old beams. The dining room and entrance are segregated by a detailed metal screen featuring an ornamental pattern. An open fireplace is accompanied by a view of the river. The room is lit up by the warm light illuminated by chandeliers on the ceiling, while the flooring is created using handmade terracotta tile.

The chalet has a warm bohemian vibe to it, one that makes you instantly feel at home once you enter. It’s a great retreat to unwind and get some downtime in nature, especially if you’re fond of solitary traveling. It facilitates the ultimate disconnect from city life and lets you truly connect with nature.