Most Buzzed Designs of June 2016

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in June 2016.


Touted as the world’s thinnest and most compact power bank, the Life Card fits right into your wallet.


The Audi Truck B is designed as an electric autonomous ‘show’ truck, the aesthetic of this is curvy and reminiscent of Daniel Simon’s design style (subjectivity alert!).

Simply called “Paper”, this no-frills design serves as a compact solution for all your printing, scanning and copying needs, without sacrificing the aesthetic of your interior.


The Cyclone Belt Coffee Machine captures the hubless style of the Dyson’s Fan and Hairdryer. All you do is place the cup in the negative space, run the controls, and out pours the coffee, tasty as ever.

The Columbia Survival tool kit just blows my mind. Made more for outdoor survival than urban, the kit literally outdoes itself.


The E-Vision Granturismo Boat runs on Tesla’s Lithium Ion batteries. The concept boat has two powertrains mounted symmetrically on the left and right, providing speed that is independent of vibrations or engine noise.


Don’t go looking for a sharpener – Pencil+ eliminates all these problems at once. If it breaks or goes dull, simply unscrew from the clasp and sharpen. If you need to correct a mistake, just use the eraser inside the cavity and get back to writing or drawing!


The Grasshopper conceptual bike explores a hollow chassis design in a world where everyone wants hubless wheels.


CJR watches has you covered with this dapper looking timepiece they call Airspeed. Built with the Miyota 8215 on the inside, it beats with a frequency of 21,600 BPH, giving you the most sublimely accurate time-reading experience.

Photo Courtesy : Engadget

Lenovo’s achieved the impossible. Debuting at Techworld this year, and dropping jaws world over, the C+ phone literally flexes around your wrist.