The Bendy Phones are coming!!


Let’s close this week with possibly the greatest news we could hear from the tech world. Over the years, YD has curated some undeniably unreal wrist-phone concepts. At the time we obviously appreciated them but realized in the back of our minds these concepts are like the flying cars we should have gotten by now. They look beautiful on paper, but that’s where they’re going to be all their lives. We got this faint glimmer of hope when flexible AMOLED screens started getting manufactured, but until we saw a gadget use this tech, it seemed like a distant dream.

Nothing gives me more joy than to see designs cross over from the outlandish concept domain, to the prototype ready for mass-production domain, and this time Lenovo’s achieved the impossible. Debuting at Techworld this year, and dropping jaws world over, the C+ phone literally flexes around your wrist. Its design is radical, different, and is sure to be an absolute game-changer. The long design deviates from the massive phablets we’ve been seeing off late, but a long + slim phone still isn’t exactly pocketable. Guess it makes up for that fact by wrapping itself around your wrist! This one’s dedicated to all the YD fans and enthusiasts who’ve appreciated concepts that seemed unrealistic. It is, in fact, the unreal that sets standards for our future. The Lenovo C+ is concrete proof of that fact!

Designer: Lenovo



Photo Courtesy : Engadget