A Check and Carry-on for Serious Travelers


These 2 pieces of luggage, both winners of the 2015 Red Dot Concept Award, are distinct in functionality but both aim to make the lives of travelers easy!

The first, called Air Pack (pictured top), utilizes an ingenious internal air bag inflation system to secure items inside. Because packed belongings can shift during travel, they often are susceptible to breaking or damage. The air bags absorb external shock and set your items firmly in place so when you reopen your bag they’re exactly where you left them!

The other, named the Waiting Companion (pictured bottom), makes for a perfect carry-on. While there may be plenty of seating at airports or train stations, tables and surfaces are few and far between. The design features a built-in board where you can conveniently enjoy a meal and beverages, work from a laptop, or enjoy a good book!

Designer for Air Pack: Kim Junsik


1. Arrange and place items into the luggage. 2. Close the luggage and pump air into the system using the handle. 3. The inflated air pack now fastens and protects the items. 4. To deflate simply unscrew the lid.



Designers for Waiting Companion: Zhou Peng, Dai ChangFu, & Liu ShuFu