The Smartwatch Killer


If you’re going to strap something to that wrist, it should either be Iron Man’s Laser Repulsor, or a classy looking watch (Analog Chronometer = WIN). Depends on what your personality is actually, but I’d recommend the classy watch for now; and what better than something with an aircraft cockpit regulator inspired dial!

CJR watches has you covered with this dapper looking timepiece they call Airspeed. Built with the Miyota 8215 on the inside, it beats with a frequency of 21,600 BPH, giving you the most sublimely accurate time-reading experience. The curved glass on top runs from edge to edge, making the watch silhouette beautifully monolithic. Crafted out of Hesalite crystal, the casing is robust and shatterproof, giving Gorillaglass a run for its money.

Available in black and white variants, the Airspeed is for anyone who appreciates classic design in a modern avatar. Choice of bands allow you to mod your watch for work, play, leisure, or even black tie occasions. Glow in the dark elements on the watch will ensure you have no problem reading the time, anytime!

Designer: CJR [ Buy It Here ]