This backpack fits inside your pocket!


Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think the guys at Matador have a shrink-ray. After the pocket blanket, they’ve managed to shrink a 20-liter backpack into something that’s literally the size of a stress ball. The Droplet XL bag puts a serious ultralight waterproof bag (for your wet beachwear) into a drop shaped silicone case that can fit into your pocket, or even be hung on your regular backpack with the carabiner clip provided. Designed exclusively for the beach, the Droplet is ideal for when you want to have complete control over how wet or dry your objects are. The two-way waterproof bag can keep water out, letting your clothes stay dry, or keep water in, allowing you to stash your wet clothes inside without them dripping anywhere. The drop-shaped silicone case (reinforcing the waterproof aspect rather beautifully) comes with a slit that you can easily pull your bag out of and shove it back into. And with its ultra-lightweight material, you’ll barely even feel like you’re carrying a second 20-liter backpack with you!

Designer: Chris Clearman (Matador)