Another Brick In The Wall

As our USB sticks keep getting smaller, chances of us losing them in our bags and backpacks keep getting higher. This inverse proportion can be curbed thanks to the unique Brick USB Stick Design. The pint-sized stick rests snugly in your smartphone’s headphone jack. The design allows you the flexibility of carrying your USB without the bother of losing it, plus the dense pattern lets you know the storage capacity.

Designers: Hongshik Kim and Se-eun Kim

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Hunter says:

    If it could be designed with a headphone jack on the side, I would be interested.
    I listen to music more often than I use my jump drive, so the fact that this device blocks the audio port on my mobile when not in use on my computer would annoy me.

  • Péter Kerekes says:

    This is really terrible and the slogen is awful it is like rapeing Pink Floyd’s brilliant creation!

  • bill says:

    What an excruciatingly slow and painstaking video.

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Yes, because nobody listens to music on their phone anyway…?

  • serg says:

    Very interesting design

  • john says:

    stupid, china already has this.

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