When scissors just won’t cut it…


For making precision cuts, a straight edge, cutting mat, and small fixed-blade knife will usually get the job done. But there’s a lot of equipment involved and you’d have to clear off valuable desk space to setup your cutting area. Vector combines a straight edge and cutting mat into one tool. You can slide paper, fabric, or foam inside and make clean cuts without damaging your desktop or needing to get out your cutting mat. The ruler is spring loaded to accommodate for various thicknesses of materials. The max height is 6mm, perfect for thicker materials like foam core. To cut thinner materials like paper, slide through the slot and press down on the ruler. The spring action allows for the ruler to be pressed down to secure the paper in place to make the cut. The ruler includes standard and metric scales as well as a metal straight edge for cutting and its self-healing cutting mat is easily replaceable to ensure a long life of use.

Designer: Aaron Saxton