Tetris-inspired bookshelf comes with individual modules that you can creatively assemble!

What next, a Fruit Ninja chopping board?!

Meet the Tetris Bookcase, a piece of furniture that really needs no further elaboration! Designed to combine furniture and fun (or what I like calling fun-iture), the Tetris Bookcase comes with multiple brick-inspired modules that stack into a larger empty cabinet. Inspired by the iconic brick-stacking game, the bookcase’s individual modules fit snugly into a larger cabinet based on any orientation you want, or can even be used as independent shelves placed anywhere in your interior space. Who knew decorating your space could literally be a game?!

Designer: Fujun Wang

The Tetris Bookcase has an unusual approach to DIY that seems less instructional and more fun. You literally build the shelf out as if you’re playing a massive game of tetris, and if you mess up? Well, that’s just an excuse to play some more!

The bookcase is made of aluminum alloy, offering strength while being lightweight. Each individual module is powder-coated to give it its vibrant color, while making it resistant to damage and corrosion.

The Tetris Bookcase is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.