A POV Selfie Stick


I remember seeing a selfie stick in the news a few days back. It had a fan attached to it that would blow your hair back, and make your photos a tad more dreamy. It got me thinking about how products have features that are necessary, and features that are desirable, and which must a designer give more importance to. The Spivo is another selfie stick. It doesn’t come with a fan. It doesn’t come with a flash. However, it comes with a turntable mount and a trigger to rotate your camera 180 degrees. This feature, I believe falls under the necessary category. It adds the ability of capturing another dimension of your experience by allowing you to toggle between observer and subject. The transition between both is also achieved beautifully by rapidly rotating the camera, creating something known as a “whip pan”, which is achieved here naturally, as opposed to having to use post-production software to get that effect.

This sort of innovation ends up triggering people’s creativity, rather than being a product with a short life-cycle. I see the Spivo stick ushering in an era of innovative filming rigs and selfie sticks… After all, anyone can attach a fan to a long pole, can’t they?!

Designers: Andre Bellerive & Marc Bjerring

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