Scoop the Poop!

Pets, love them and all, so when it comes to cleaning up after they have done their mess, you’re always looking to pass the buck. It need not be a poop-y affair, if you have yourself equipped with the D-Partner. This lawn-mower kinda design has a poop-scoop nestled within its design. Simply vacuum away the mess and set it back into place. The ‘mower’ does the rest! It can’t get easier than this!

Designer: Li Shi Ming



  • MJK says:

    This is overkill, come on are you really going to push this thing around after your dog while your out walking? I think a double lined bag is a better solution.

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  • Ken says:

    I wouldn’t be carrying this around with me but I think it would be great for picking up dog poop around the yard. Shovels and rakes do so much damage to the lawns. Where can one purchase this? Online? Canada delivery?

  • Maximus Seneca says:

    Guys i am still trying to get my version manufactured. Will the manufacturer of this equipment be kind to contact me so we can share in my idea? I like the smooth exterior and i believe this has a great potential but my design, which i have worked on for 7 years is what i believe you may need for MJK type of users.

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