Steamy Cuppa!

The Steam Mug is a cute little humidifier that uses up the leftover water from your drinking mug, to humidify the room. Its efficient enough to work with the small quantities left in and is cool enough to hang out with your desk-stuff. As far as looks and styling go, it’s very similar to the The Cup. And I think that’s what makes it awesome!

Designer: Young-Suk Kim


  • Ray says:

    Do you really want to put something that sprays water (even if it’s very fine) near your computer?

  • zol says:

    lol I thought the same thing! Nice design btw but useless!

  • Diana says:

    Perfect! Genial! I want one!

  • Philip says:

    Would’nt the steam make the handle quite hot. So you would have to wait till it cooled down before drinking it. Bit of a shame as really like the designs without the steam function

  • ang rhi says:

    what a bullshit. eco friendlier: put the remaining water (if there is any – is THAT really the case ?!?) into a plant !

  • AndreR says:

    is usb output powerful enough for this device? or the designer had not given a thought about that?

  • evilspacebunny says:

    Clearly these people don’t know anything about computers, that water near or around computers is baaad, even in the form of steam because then its in the air and get in more of your electronics. Also who the fuck drinks water out of a mug?

  • romain says:

    What if there’s sugar in your liquid ? Won’t it interfere with the misting process ? Ever heard of caramelisation ?
    What about mineral deposits ?
    How do you even wash the damn thing ?
    Then there’s the whole water + electronics, humidity + workspace issues…

  • Xurmat says:

    wow so nice coffee mug pretty look 😛

  • Ellert says:

    How stupid can you get ? Water will always renew itself. If there is one thing you do not need to worry about wasting then it is water because it will always eventually end up in nature to be collected again. In fact the sole and only way to possibly ever be environmentally unfriendly with water is to send it into outer space on a course so it won’t be returning to Earth again.

    This device is useless if you wish to be environmentally friendly and not only that it can be harmful to your electrical devices as well.

    Can’t believe they actually managed to make this without anyone ever realizing how useless this is during the process of making it.

  • Jimmy C says:

    You don’t get it do you? It’s a humidifier, you can use it to help you breathe easier during the night or when you’re sick. And I don’t think steam is going to hurt your computer unless you knock it right over.

  • Brimshack says:

    Looks like a good way to get burned.

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