Kartell and Philippine Starck team up with A.I. for new furniture collection

There have been a lot of discussions about how artificial intelligence affects designers and design in general. This will continue to be a hotly debated topic in the next few years. There are those that believe this is heralding the death of the creative industry while there are those that believe that it can help brands and designers streamline processes and can foster innovation and experimentation. Italian furniture brand Kartell and French architect and designer Philippine Starck seems to be of the latter school of thought as they unveiled their A.I. collection

Designer: Philippe Starck and Kartell (and A.I.)

This collection features eco-friendly pieces of furniture that were a result of input from Kartell and Starck and streamlined by A.I. particularly in terms of prototyping and planning. It was able to contribute to make the collection sustainable and optimize the materials used resulting in reduced waste. Creating eco-friendly products is the ultimate goal and the combination of design, production, and A.I. helped achieve this.

The A.I. Lounge uses thermoplastic techno polymer with a mineral filler. It is available in white, black, green, and gray and can be used both indoors and outdoors or wherever you want to lounge around. The H.H.H Her Highest Highness meanwhile is a chair that should make you sit like a royal. The way the back is shaped will force you to sit as if on a throne. It uses green polycarbonate material for the eco-friendly aspect.

The A.I. Console meanwhile is a minimalist small table that can be placed in the foyers, vestibules, entrances, and hallways, or anywhere you need to have a small stand or table for your stuff. It sports a one legged design and is made from recycled Illy iPerEspresso coffee capsules. You can get it in orange, white, gray, or black.