Scanning Eraser

Seems like déjà vu but the concept of marrying an eraser with a scanner is a very good one. The ES-X not only erases the whiteboard but also transmits the scanned content to a laptop. It can also post selected portion to Facebook (and hopefully other social mediums), but the point is to make it easy for students to take notes. I am all for devices that make school life easier, what do you say?

Designer: Li Ke Wu


  • Boxhead says:

    Terrible Idea. If its important enough for you to copy it, DONT destroy it until your 100% sure you got the copy.

    As your erasing it, your copying it… you cant verify that you captured it, that the thing didnt run out of batteries, that the scan isnt a bad/corrupted.

    A hand scanner, sure good idea… but dont put an eraser on it. Thats trouble.

  • david valencia vidal says:

    es genial el poder borrar pero aun es mas genial el poder ser publicado en tu pagina de facebook, creo que es un excelente escaneador.

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