Earbuds case doubles as fidget toy for your anxious fingers

There are things that we need to have with us everywhere we go, depending of course on your personality. In fact, there’s a term for that – EDC or everyday carry. These are things like watches, pens, lighters, notebooks, utility knives, etc. But the past few years, they’re really more of our digital tools – smartphones, tablets, laptops, earphones. There are also those that have to carry fidget toys around with them to help relieve anxiety or boredom. What if you get a combination of a device that can also become a fidget toy for your restless fingers?

Designer: Eric Cheng

This concept for an earbuds case may be that combination you’re looking for. The EDC 1.0 Lucky Push is a concept case for the D-Mooster truly wireless earbuds that uses “card pushing” mechanism to open and close it. The motion of the sliding up and down and snapping is supposedly addictive enough that you would want to do it repetitively, even if you’re not using your earbuds at the moment. Hence, it becomes a fidget toy as well if you need to keep your hands busy.

There are three designs for the EDC 1.0 Lucky Push: Big Monster, Become Wealthy, and Become Happy. For the superstitious, doing the repetitive motion will let you accumulate luck and wealth, or at least that’s what the designer thinks it will bring you. I understand with the last two designs as we all want to be wealthier and happier, but I wonder what the Big Monster concept will bring you, other than a cute fidget toy with monsters engraved on it.

Earbuds cases are usually really more functional as you use it to store your earbuds or charge them once they run out of juice. So this is an interesting idea to make the case itself a bigger part of your EDC pack as it becomes a fidget toy as well. If the designs are also interchangeable, it will make it even more interesting.