Home Made Espresso Cup

It was interesting to observe the Italians get out of their homes and head straight to the café for their first shot of espresso to get them ready for their day ahead. I know many cultures follow this norm, but a good cuppa espresso can be enjoyed at home thanks to the single-cup espresso maker Piamo.

Piamo is the first espresso maker worldwide that works in the microwave. It makes the perfect cuppa brew within 30 seconds. Whether you prefer pads or ground coffee, Piamo can do both.

Simply fill in water and insert an espresso pad or ground coffee. Stack it, flip it and place Piamo in your microwave. Thankfully Piamo is available through crowdfunding.

Designer: LUNAR

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuaBveGxrEw 600 451]