Tablet Desk 2.0

Deceptively simple and highly adaptable, the Bee9 Tablet Desk 2.0 is designed to redefine not what a desk is, but where you can put it. Its simple yet effective tablet sliding system adapts to the user’s needs quickly and easily. The drop-leaf design’s material frugality and small footprint make optimum use of limited space, making it perfect for the apartment or small studio. Watch it in the making!

Designer: Bee9

The Making of The Bee9 Tablet Desk from bee9design on Vimeo.


  • Takeshi says:

    Nice~~ a well thought furniture~~!! *Thumbs up*

  • qY says:

    Your mouse is your hand, and it is going to flip
    its way through the pages of the guide. Talk to them about
    what takes place when you use your mouse in specific means.
    Their prices array from forty to sixty dollars.

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