I Heart Stooka

I am writing this article on the Stooka Chair, curled up in my hotel bed, from one of the trendiest boutique hotels of Singapore. The kinds that focuses only on chairs! It’s ironic that this hipster place has all kinds of seating options from eras gone by, but not one that boasts of being sustainable, multifunctional, portable, easy to store and more importantly eco-friendly. Perhaps I should talk to them about the Stooka.

Crafted as real furniture from corrugated cardboard, 50% recycled pulp and 100% recyclable, this fun chair has elements that can surprise you. For example, the packaging for the chair is a reusable tote bag. The idea behind this packaging is to avoid the use of plastic bags.

Another cool aspect is that you can customize and custom print on the chair. The chair supports 440 lbs / 200 kg and is for use at room temperature and average humidity conditions. I can see it fit very neatly in the upscale hotel, and I can also picture it being used at home, offices, picnics, and by college students as well.

Consciously packed in a reusable tote bag, Stooka was created with a mission to deliver something more than just chair. A product that would support our only true ecosystem: earth without destroying it. Compact and easy to store, just fold the chair and lies flat. Awesome!

Designer: Design Lot 5 [ Buy it Here ]