My Weight Is For My Eyes Only

I am very possessive about my weight; it’s meant for my eyes only! Weighing scales that make a public display of my weight are a big NO! The KOALA Digital Scale takes care of this issue because it directly sends the weight to your Smartphone app. As far as convenience goes, it adopts the principle of roly-poly to make it stand automatically when not in use. Very Smart!

  • When the scale is not in use, it always stays standing, enhancing space utilization and eliminating the need to have it stored in another place.
  • When you need to use the scale, you can press down the top part of the scale with your foot laying it on the floor, and then step on it to weigh.
  • When step down from the scale after weighing, the scale will rise by itself into a standing position.
  • When you measure your weight, the data is sent via Bluetooth to your smart phone.
  • Using the application developed exclusively for KOALA, you can manage your weight, check your diet, calculate your work (or workout) rate, and communicate via SNS.

Designers: Hyunseung Jang and Yongbum Lim of Plastic Irony

[youtube: 600 451]