The Ferrari of Audio Amplifiers

The new Devialet line of high-definition audio systems leads the pack with its combination of rare elegance and unimaginable performance. The same exclusive sound amplification technology, known as ADH, combines the power of digital systems with the fidelity of analogue. Additions such as USB ports, ethernet capability, wireless streaming and even a remote app for Android and iOS devices are the latest updates catered for the modern user. The question isn’t why you should get a Devialet, but which one you should have!

DEVIALET 240 is both powerful and upgradable, this unit offers the best of Devialet technology with 10 digital inputs, 4 of which can be configured for analogue use. Vinyl owners can also digitize their records using this Devialet. The unit integrates a phono stage and two analogue inputs that can be adjusted for “Moving Coil” or “Moving Magnet” turntables, and one output to connect a subwoofer.

DEVIALET 110 is what music lovers and digital music creators have been dreaming of, whether their tracks are stored in digital format or accessible via streaming. While this unit has fewer inputs and offers less-advanced configuration options than the Devialet 240, the sound is identical. Upgradeable, easy-to-use and integrating the exclusive ADH® technology, this unit offers 2 x 110 W in stereo mode, so sit back and enjoy its amazing audio power. And thanks to its pure lines, and sleek design, it will fit right into your home.

DEVIALET 500- The star of the product line, the Devialet 500 consists of two Devialet units working together and a power of 2 x 500 W. The system is positioned as the most advanced high-end audio system of all times, with distortion as low as 0.00025%: a world first! It is still totally upgradable. The system is made to be configured in monoblock (each Devialet controls one speaker). It is operated with a single remote control and a hybrid cable to connect the two blocks.

DEVIALET 170- With its many professional digital and analogue inputs/outputs (10 in total, same as the 240), its power and wide range of customization and control options, the Devialet 170 is sure to quickly become the reference system for high-end audio enthusiasts. The power in stereo mode reaches 2 x 170 W, perfect for these high quality speakers used by audio lovers.

Designer: Devialet