Clean Your Mind!

In an age of anxiety, every opportunity to reduce stress matters. Electrolux’s new UltraSilencer vacuum transform the chore of vacuum cleaning into a resource for personal well-being, with a meditation program developed especially for vacuuming. Sounds were recorded directly from the machine, then filtered & modified to create a palette of different “instruments” that come together in different tracks available on iTunes, Spotify & SoundCloud! Now you can clean your home & your mind. Watch it in action! —>

When developing the quietest vacuum cleaner ever – the new UltraSilencer – Electrolux discovered that the comfortable sound characteristics made vacuuming compatible with other activities. Together with experienced meditation expert, Gunilla Lönnberg, Electrolux developed a program for so called informal meditation while vacuuming.  The Clean Your Mind meditation program comes as a whole collection of tracks, easily adaptable to fit the size of one’s home.

Designer: Electrolux