Smart Swimming Goggles

If you are an avid diver then I am sure you will appreciate the concept of the Smart Swimming Goggles. This simple eye cover actually assists with communication between divers and capturing of memories in photo and video format. The Goggles include functions like built-in GPS, ‘call’ button, 3-D Camera, and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • The built-in GPS component shows the location of other divers.
  • A ‘call’ button on the left side of the goggles allows you to call another diver, and the display shows the progress of the call.
  • A 3D camera on the top of the goggles allows you to take 3D photos of the scenes you see.
  • A ‘shot’ button on the left of the goggles activates the camera.
  • The images can be sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone or smart TV.
  • An information display reveals details about the fish or plant life that you see. Other information necessary for safe underwater activities (such as oxygen level and current) is also shown.

Designers: Han Chanhee, Kim Juyoung, Han Dhojin & Kwon Yoonjoo


  • Christopher says:

    GPS doesn’t work under water.
    Communications require a full-face mask, unless you want to bat your eyes in Morris-code.

    Integrated mask and dive computers already exist (your are only proposing SPG functionality), as do mask cameras.

    The “smart” display is new, although it would have to tell me something other than what a shark or turtle looks like – I’ve got that.

    In summary – do your research & come up with something useful.

  • paul says:

    Funny Idea but you guys have absolutely no idea’s about diving.
    Count the 10 errors

  • Hunter says:

    Just curious: what does a turtle have to do with cheese? (Render 2)

  • stephen russell says:

    how much to produce, be awesome worldwide
    Must for rentals & dive shops alone.
    Now apply to hard hat helmet for divers.
    Add Time & Depth.

    Great for Navy diver units & Navy SEAL teams
    & commercial divers.
    Test on Monterrey Bay & Hawaii.

  • Peter Panic says:

    If I am breathing Oxygen I wont enjoy it for long.

  • Watery Wanderings says:

    You have no idea of the public you’re targeting. Take a diving course and get a clue.

  • Kenno says:

    Also – on the last picture where the guy gives thumbs up – in diving sign language it means “move up on to the water surface”.



    I WISH TO BUY’Smart Swimming Goggles’

  • Matt Hughes says:

    Forget about all the other features, we need a mask that gives a temperature and salinity readout. We are trying to detect the presence of freshwater springs along the ocean shore. These springs may contain contaminants from a dump site that is located inland on the island that we live. Please contact me if you can do this. Thanks

  • Bruno Paolillo says:

    Hi! WOnderfull idea!!! I (and all my friends too!) am ready to buy this mask. Please send me price info and delivery charges.
    Best regards.

  • Jazmin Sanchez says:

    Hi I am interested in buying “smart swimming goggles”.
    Please send me a price and any other charges.
    Thank You

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  • Pretty darn cool.

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