Genius Apple Watch Strap ‘Wardrobe’ lets you Store and Flaunt your Entire Strap Collection

The ultimate organizer for your Apple Watch straps, Twelve South’s TimePorter holds and showcases all your watch straps on an easy-to-access linear shelf. The TimePorter turns your Watch Strap collection into a displayable art-piece, letting you flex your straps like people would their sneaker collection. The straps attach onto the TimePorter in seconds, and can easily be pocked and worn every day like you would your favorite tie, or an outfit-appropriate set of jewelry.

Designer: Twelve South

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Any seasoned Watch owner will tell you that every time you upgrade to a new Watch, you automatically get a new Strap to go with it too. Complete 3 upgrade cycles and you’ve got at least 3 straps that are compatible with even the latest Apple Watch series. It’s normal to resell or return your older Watch, but almost everybody hangs onto their straps to be worn over and over again. Hence the TimePorter, a nifty solution to your multiple-strap-conundrum. Hang them, flaunt them, and wear any strap you want, any time you want!

Measuring 10 inches (255mm) across, the TimePorter is a classy IKEA-esque metal organizer that conveniently lets you store Apple Watch straps when not in use. Designed for Watch aficionados who can sometimes own upwards of 4-5 straps for one single watch, the TimePorter is a nifty way to keep spare straps on display and pick and choose the ones you want to wear on any given day.

The continuous design of the TimePorter lends itself to modularity. You can extend your ‘shelf’ simply by adding another one beside it or below it, giving you an extensive organizer that can be used for your as well as your partner’s straps. 3M adhesive backing lets you stick the TimePorter anywhere, from a wall to a wardrobe door, to even a tiled surface in your bathroom. The hanging nature of the straps makes it rather easy to hang-dry your straps after washing them if you end up wearing the Apple Watch to the gym, while playing sports, or while training.

The adhesive 3M backing is also removable, allowing you to un-dock your TimePorter and place it somewhere else with a fresh set of 3M Command glue strips. The TimePorter’s minimal design works well at letting your straps get the spotlight. You can install the TimePorter in a place that’s easy to view, allowing people to admire your Watch strap collection, or hide it in a wardrobe or on the inside of a cabinet door, just in case you’re a little protective about your abundant collection!

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