12 Inspirational and Exclusive Interviews on Yanko Design – Dr. Prof. Peter Zec (Part II)

As we close into Christmas and get ready for the holidays, it seems the perfect time to take a step back and reflect on how the year has passed by. Did we learn any lessons; could we have done anything differently and more importantly, how do we utilize the knowledge that we have gained through the year. While you ponder these thoughts, let’s add the Panama Story to our list. As promised, here is the second installment to Dr. Prof. Peter Zec’s interview conducted in Essen earlier this year.

The wealth of knowledge that has been amassed by Dr. Zec is easily translated and understood by listening to this simple children’s story. No wonder he always narrates it to his students. This special podcast allows you to hear the story in totality and Dr. Zec’s narrative is very easy to understand and follow.

Moving on, I have broken down the interview into two sections and this one addresses issues like Innovation vs Being Different and how important it is for a designer to understand that design is a service for a client. Only when we understand the difference between art and design, can we apply the business angle to this industry.

As we know Dr. Zec is associated with red dot and is the main driving force behind the awards. I have seen him do his bit for the industry up close and one of the initiatives that he co-created is the red dot young professional’s entry slot. Basically 50 designers who have obtained their academic qualifications within the past five years, have the chance to apply for one out of 50 free registrations to the “red dot award: product design 2013”. Any designer worth his profession knows how coveted the red dot product design award is, and this platform encourages young talent to get the edge just as they embark upon their designing career. Good thing is that the application for this freebie is tomorrow 18th December 2012. Details for the same can be found here. Good Luck!

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