Know Your Switches

When you have a panel full of light switches, it can be challenging to remember which is which. The Floor Plan Light switch offers an easy solve. The switches are modified according to the floor plan of the room and operate accordingly. So in a single glance you know which switch controls what.

Designer: Taewon Hwang


  • iain Zerg says:

    I don’t believe the manufacturer suggests this switch would replace every single switch in your house. Thoughtfully placed however (at master bedside, near front and rear doors) these would be a godsend to many including the elderly and those who are worried about safety and security.

  • iain Zerg says:

    Added sense of safety, security to name a few. Turning on a light at the other end of the house might scare a prowler away, thinking there are more than one directions a homeowner might come at them from. For gods sake, use your imaginations just a twinge people! Lolol

  • iain Zerg says:

    Uhm. That’s exactly what it is: a ‘remote’ ‘control’ for ‘lighting’.

  • iain Zerg says:

    No additional wiring is necessary! Wireless technology is found not only in light fixtures/lamps, but also has now made its way into individual light bulbs. So, no sir, no additional wiring is needed.

  • Mark says:

    As a master electrician and having worked in residential, commercial, industrial and control electrical wiring,this is the type of project that would separate electricians from apprentices!

  • Avarana says:

    As a herald of the future, this non-thought driven interfaces were always deemed atavist.

  • eleanor says:

    great for people (me) that get pissed off by people leaving the light on in the hallway at night especially when the nearest light switch is on the other side of the damned hallway” >:(

  • Larissa Argolo Paredes says:

    Is it fabricated already? Do you have some representant in Brazil? I work with innovative prototypes. Please tell me more about this product.

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