Stones of Warmth

It is quite common for Koreans to use hot stones for warming themselves during harsh winters. Keeping this in mind, we have here the ST-ON concept, which is a stone warming unit for mountain climbers. When the stone-shaped units are fully charged and warm, they turn orange and start radiating heat when removed from the charging unit. They keep you warm during your mountain climb, but I reckon anyone with cold feet can use this.

Designers: Sooeon Kim and Sangyong Park


  • Ray says:

    No electricity in the mountains (unless they can be heated by a fire as well). Would be nice if you could activate them when you wanted them to as opposed to once off the charger, otherwise you might as well just heat up a rock and carry it around with you. By the time you get to the mountains you’ll have drained the rocks of a significant portion of heat(unless you’ve charged them in your car).

  • me says:

    there is a gel pack that can be recharged on boiling water.

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