A coffee grinder that fits your millennial interior aesthetic

My day only really starts once I have had my cup of coffee. To me, it is not a beverage but a life-juice that awakens my mind and my soul! Being a coffee enthusiast, I have a whole mini barista set up in my kitchen – the espresso machine, the steam wand, the tamper – all of it. But what most of us skip is the coffee grinder and it is truly a taste-altering step. This shaded coffee grinder by Husky Design will tempt you into making coffee the right way!

Coffee grinders add a whole new level of “fresh” to your beverage, there is a different quality that bubbles up when you grind whole beans and use it in your machine rather than pre-packaged grounds. Especially when the coffee grinder looks this sleek, how can you not want to get a machine just so that you get to use this grinder? It almost looks so smooth as if it was carved from one piece of glass. The minimal yet eye-catching bright button seamlessly fits into the lid which has a translucent top to give you a peek at your beans.

Unlike the usual black or grey coffee grinders, the gradient shades of this radiate a happy feeling and give the underrated gadget a colorful personality. For me personally, the whizzing sound of the coffee grinder also wakes me up, it is like a sound signal to my brain that we must start functioning which is then rewarded by the smell of fresh grounds. Take that extra step and grind your beans, you will love coffee even more (if that is still a possibility)!

Designer: Husky Design

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