The Visible Lifesaver

Life Light is perfectly visible in low light and night, making it an efficient and practical lifesaver and emergency buoy by the sea. The upside is that it relies on renewable energy sources to keep the LEDs working at night. It even features an LED water battery. So far the flipside are none, except that it’s still a concept. What do you say?

Life Light is a 2012 iF Design Talents winner.

Designers: Tso Chu-Hao, Hsiang Hao-Tien & Chuang Tsung-Hua


  • Not too bad. Couple of problems:
    How would the LED be powered?
    Depending on tide, the rendering may have it too close to the water. Sand is also movable too.
    You’re exposing the life ring to the elements, which may make the ring not last as long.
    Theft is a potential issue. When I’ve seen them, they we’re locked with a piece of glass you would break to get at it. Too high of a wind could dislodge it as well.

  • John McGinn says:

    Unless this were on Private Property you would have to replace them many times a day. The concept has the same vulnerability as a freestanding mailbox. Maybe a GPS Tracker to be embedded?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Pretty good. Make sure it doesn’t get washed away by the tide though.

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