iPhone Case That Makes Sense

All said and done, the Ö Case makes better sense as an iPhone Case than any others that I have seen. Two things that make this concept win its brownie points: A screen-cleaning slider that cleans those oily finger marks off the screen and a special nook to wind and store your earphones. Simple design, creative solution and a sleek outcome!

Designer: Löytö Esineiden


  • Jose says:

    I think it’s a great concept, but people won’t be inclined to buy a case that has that much space wasted most of the time. There are better solutions for the headphones available for those who carry their earbuds everywhere.

    The clenaing parts is great, and I’m sure if someone came up with a simple case that has a HIDDEN cleaning device like this one integrated without making a bulk, a lot of people would be inclined to buy it.

  • anoush m says:

    there are more innovative ways that a cleaning device could be incorporated. i can think of one that would serve another function, enabling the ‘bulk’ of the device to be useful in other ways as well.

  • TKHS says:

    Great concept, but that space may be a problem. Still, I think the cleaning part can´t be smaller, because I think this is the only way to save the corner radius of the iphone screen, so, great concept!!!

  • Pengt says:

    Or use a piece of cloth.

  • Matt says:

    HHmm so many problems with this design. Have you actually seen the scale of those earphones? I have never seen a set that are thinner than the 9.8mm depth of the iphone. Which makes the storage compartment fine for the cable but nothing else (completely redundant) The “cleaner” slide thing has no way of attaching to the case as there are no side runners and the averall design elongates the phone when the whole idea of phone cases is to be as minimal as possible. Good effort but take some time before you design anymore cases mate lol 🙂

  • The bigger problem is that it’s obscuring the microphone and speaker. I doubt the speakerphone would be usable, let alone the microphone.

  • Alex R. says:

    Great concept, but I agree with one of the users above about the ‘extra’ space below the phone. It just adds weights to the already heavy phone. And plus it looks like it can just store the buds and not the actual earphone cords, correct?

  • Geewhizz says:

    Even if it were useful, the aesthetic is corrupted by the weird proportions.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I think it’s just fine! Can you make one for the iPod Touch?

  • JoelKramka says:

    I think that the cleaning devise would be better incorporated with a slide on cover for the front of the phone that cleans the screen every time you put the cover on automatically. The headphone issue is a tough one no matter what but it’s not bad.

  • A creative iPhone case can make an iPhone be unique.

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