The bachelor’s favorite hanger


I hate folding my clothes, so automatically, I’m a hanger junkie. My wardrobe is just lined with hangers that hold my clothes upright so that they don’t wrinkle… so much so that I think that I may have a hanger problem. The Teeth Hanger was designed for my kind, combining the functions of a clothes-pin and a hanger into something that’s clearly much more advanced than the hangers I’m accustomed to using.

The Teeth Hanger basically not just allows you to hang your clothes in shape, it allows you to hang multiple clothes in shape. The hanger can be used conventionally, while also as a clothes pin, letting you clip multiple clothes together. Now you could either use this to create outfits, pairing apparel that you’d wear as a set… or you could be like me and cut down on the bazillion hangers you have so that you can use one Teeth Hanger to hang as many clothes as you need!

The Teeth Hanger is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Mainetti (HK) Limited