Wrenz Birdies

Urging us to take flight to a new dimension in sound are the chirpy Wrenz Speakers! Delightfully crafted as tiny birds, a bunch of them are good enough to make your place look swanky and entertain with quality sound playback. There’s more to these portable speakers, just after the jump.

Speaker Electrical Specifications

  • Output : 2W
  • Frequency Response : 180Hz – 20KHz
  • Signal-to-Noise : >85dB
  • Distortion : <0.5%
  • Battery Voltage : 3.7V
  • Battery Capacity : 300MaH
  • Battery Charging : 4.2V +/- 0.5V
  • Power Supply : USB Cable

Designer: Gavio


  • jand says:

    nice design
    a small work of art that surprises everyone
    the bird sings !!!

    these I would love to get on my birthday

  • SH. says:

    Oh . it’s very cute!
    i want to get a this product! if i get a this product, give a present to my friend

  • Stuart says:

    Love this design, you’ve got the simplicity of the product perfect

  • srnejad says:


  • viranica says:

    Hai 🙂
    I’m interested on the speaker.
    how can i get this stuff.
    im living in indonesia. could you posted to my country pls.

  • Sach K says:

    Please contact us me at [email protected] with your design. We are looking for innovative products and have the infrastructure to manufacture.

  • Casey says:

    One can’t deny the beauty of these speakers. I bought 2. There is no independent volume control (not a huge deal), BUT you have to plug it into your computer or phone and the cords are SOOOOOOO short, like 6-12 inches so they have to be placed very close to one another…which isn’t good for making good sound, and they have to be connected in series with each other, because when buying 2, they only give you the cords to plug one in, and the cord to connect the two speakers, so I can’t use them independently. Boooo on you!

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