Super Hot T-rex

Love the way Art Lebedev Studio reminds us to “Brave the next Ice Age with a survivor of the previous one!” Yes, this handsome Thermosaurus is a ‘heat exchanger’ that is energy-savvy thanks to the cast iron skeleton. Do want one soon!

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio


  • enrico says:

    I want one!!!!!!!

  • (Not that it’s all that important but t-rex not only didn’t survive the previous ice age, no dinosaur ever saw an ice age. The age of the dinosaurs was noteworthy for being very warm. At times forests went all the way to the south pole.)

  • Quintin says:

    It doesn’t look like it could be very efficient…

    You’d probably be better of with underfloor heating and then putting a skeleton like this in the room as a sculpture…
    Probably cheaper too…

  • Fire Starter says:

    Those claws… on that floor?

  • Granaatappelpit says:

    Mommy, there’s a monster in my room.

  • Hunter says:

    Easy way to keep kids out of the apartment.

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