This space-themed kitchen appliance merges a microwave and air fryer for your home fast food cooking needs!

Fooding is a new kitchen appliance concept from Yifeleing that combines a microwave and air fryer into a one-stop shop for all your at-home fast food cooking needs.

Air fryers are like the microwaves of the 21st century. Over the span of sixty years, new designs have transformed the way we cook fast food at home. While new products have come out, the classics aren’t going anywhere. The air fryer is like the shiny new toy on the playground for trendy snacks like kale chips and low-cal vegan wings, but nothing beats a Hot Pocket straight out of the microwave.

Fooding, a new kitchen appliance concept from Yifeeling Design, combines the best of the microwave and air fryer. Turns out, we can have it all. Inspired by the bulbous shape of an astronaut’s helmet, Fooding merges the microwave’s traditional rectangular shape with the air fryer’s modern rounded edges.

While air fryers heat up some tasty meals, they typically take up a lot of counter space which makes them less user-friendly. By combining the air fryer with the microwave, Fooding takes up less space in the kitchen and merges two appliances into one for a one-stop-shop.

Similar to conventional microwaves, Fooding features an internal, rotating heat plate and a heat-strengthened glass covering so users can always keep an eye on their food. On Fooding’s left-hand side, a control panel features all of the different cooking options, including thaw, roast, air fry, heat, and slow cook, along with varying degrees of temperature.

We can all agree the microwave is one of the best things to come out of the 1940s. We’ve relied on them for after-school snacks and late-night dinners since they hit the market. Then, air fryers changed the game and made cooking fast food at home a little healthier. Fooding brings both to the kitchen and saves counter space at the same time.

Designer: Yifeeling Design