Secretlab’s first PC desk is the ultimate cable management solution – using magnets!

Honestly, how many times have you been working on your desktop, only to be hounded and attacked by the multiple cables attached to it? If you’re an ordinary, occasionally messy, but otherwise organized human being like me, I’m sure the answer is- ALOT. Whether you’re working on your PC or your laptop, you’ll always have a couple of entangled cables to deal with. However, Singapore-based Secretlab has decided to come to our rescue! Popularly known for its gaming chairs, Secretlab recently launched its first PC desk, and may I say it’s the godsend cable management solution we’ve all been waiting for! Called the MAGNUS Metal Desk, this handy desk helps keep those pesky cables under control…with the help of magnets! Genius, no?

Priced at $449, the MAGNUS Metal Desk has been paired up with magnetic cable-management accessories (you’ll have to purchase those separately) that you can attach to the desk. The accessories include magnetic cable holders that can prevent your phone charger from falling off and custom-cut magnetic cable sheaths that can be attached to the desk legs, instantly making those eyesore-like wires vanish! The desk has also been amped with a cable tray that can be used to store cables as well. Another interesting feature of the desk is the Magpad Desk Mat! Crafted from leatherette, the full coverage desk mat can be magnetically anchored onto the desk. The mat makes it easy to customize the desk according to your personal preferences, and also feels super smooth to touch! Another exciting customization option is the MAGRGB Diffused RGB LED Strips! The strips are invisible until turned on. The 4 custom lighting presets and 7 different color options are sure to take your gaming experience to the next level!

Standing tall at 29 inches, the desk can be raised 0.8 inches higher to ensure you can work or play on it comfortably. The futuristic dark grey table with its unique magnetic ecosystem is perfect for both work and play! It’s the kind of product design that can amp up your work from home office and gaming battle station. This innovative desk will be offered in two sizes – 59 inches and 47 inches. Although currently, only the 59 inches model is available. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!

Designer: Secretlab