Brick Lego Homes!

I love this concept of turning food relief packets to something useful, especially if used in disaster struck areas. The idea is to bundle food (rice) and water into this brick-like module, which can later be used to build temporary shelters. Thanks to their Lego inspired shape, the UNICEF Brick structures promise to be sturdy as temporary shanties.

Designer: Psychic Factory


  • Aaron says:

    this is a really REALLY bad idea.

  • FLB says:

    Very very nice concept!

  • Bob says:

    What kind of material is this (since it is temporary)?

  • spyn says:

    the way they are designed it won’t be waterproof,so unless you make a few with some sort of mortar, then it’ll be useless as a shelter

  • Cap says:

    bricks are cheaper than bottles. mud walls can be safe if you know how to do it.

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