Two Finger Camera!

Doing it the Apple way, Air Camera strips away all the unnecessary aspects to a digital camera design. It leaves us with a Bluetooth enabled camera lens and a motion-sensor shutter button mounted on two rubber bands. Precious moments are captured with a simple click gesture and the images get transferred to your synced smartphone immediately.

This is how it works: if you want to click pictures, wear the camera band on your thumb and the shutter button on your forefinger and gesture to click a pic. To take videos, simply curve your fingers to mimic a video camera grip and shoot. The tension from the finger movement triggers the shutter button to operate.

I think it’s a clever and fun concept!

Designer: Yeon Su Kim


  • Mike says:

    is that a good design? i dont think so

  • jsim says:

    Fantastico. Fabulous. I love technological developments like this one. I want one soon.

  • that’s a strong idea, no doubt!!!

  • How do you know that what you’re capturing with this is actually what you want a photo of??

  • venki says:

    finger inside body shaking

  • Len says:

    It reminds me of “The Experience Recorder”.

    and MIT Media lab’s “SixthSense”.

  • Kid says:

    It runs off magic, huh? Cool.

    Dig the concept though.

  • Z says:

    Existing product + Idea – Feasibility – Usefulness = Design concept

  • daisy alvarez says:

    how much is this?

  • Taffer says:

    So, this requires a smart phone, which most likely has a better quality camera in it along with a viewfinder, to work. Seems like adding an unnecessary, unaimable step to the process of taking pictures.

  • Oh this is insane… I absolutely wanna have one of those ! This is the ultimate photographers toy I’d say !

  • klause kilski says:

    that camera works with magnetism!
    but magnets? how does that shit work?

  • karlos says:

    And, if you’re masturbating using this, you will make a Lars Von Trier movie.

  • Tekky says:

    Technological developments? What are you talking about? They gave it a tension sensor, which we’ve had for years… and they made a small camera… which we’ve had for years… and then they added bluetooth!… which we’ve had for years.
    It’s really creative for sure, and by all means impressive, but it’s in no shape or form a technological development.

  • Oh my God! The future is here!!!! I love it!

  • Aqua says:

    I think I’m in love! I’d love one of these!

  • Another prove how fast technology is growing…Incredible!

  • rotsen21 says:

    Excelente… para cuando? Necesito uno de esos 🙂

  • jopoy_ocampo says:

    make a better air guitar!

  • Lobs says:

    This is not technological development! This is science fiction.
    Read again… “I think it’s a clever and fun concept!”

    And it’s a good idea, except that the quality of the camera will suck, it will take more than 10 secs between one pic and another (due to bluetooth transfer), forget the video, and forget it all when you think of the amount of battery it will need to feed 2 bluetooths( yeah, one for the cellphone, one for the clicker!) flash(if existed) and a processor for imaged processing.. except if you don’t need auto-focus and brightness adjustment.

    As i said, it’s a very cool science fiction project.

    Nice work, despite what i said, i really liked it and was searching the net to buy one… than my knowledge hit me.

  • Jo says:

    Oh christ I nearly choked on my drink reading that, lol

    I like the concept of the camera from a sneaky photo taking point of view…

  • I simply love it!!!! A camera without a camera!!!hahaha
    Where can i get one of those?

  • Zippy says:

    New ideas always move us forward! Why not!

  • Kathryn says:

    Shut up and take my money lol

  • Poodleinacan says:

    Idea : Great!

    Capture quality/picture quality/picture content : …Let’s not talk about that…

  • Matt says:

    Cool idea, but the first thing to pop in my head was attaching the camera to your thumb is going to result in a ton of blurry, dutch angle shots. I don’t see this being very usable if photo quality is what you’re after, but for a person who just wants to be able to capture anything with just a twitch of the finger? No thinking about grabbing the smart phone and/or opening the app? Then yeah, cool idea, marketable product.

  • Brimshack says:

    That is totally cool!

  • Evis says:

    An interesting concept, but somewhat useless. Without a screen or eye lense, how are you supopsed to properly frame the shot? Even if you just want to take a snapshot odds are the angle of the picture would be way off. Plus, make the shape with your hand and then bend your index finger. Notice that you can’t help but twitch your thumb too? That’s going to mess up the picture even more. It’s a novel idea, but not a good one.

  • mcgrimus says:

    Where’s the film go?

  • non yo biznas says:

    blue tooth, learn to read…

  • Brittany says:

    hahaha your comment wins

  • Brittany says:

    hahaha touche. your comment wins.

  • Kate says:

    There are serious privacy issues with this. Nobody will ever get changed at the gym again. And i hope my gaenacologist doesn’t hear about this camera

  • dan says:

    Where can I buy it??!

  • Para niños says:

    great product! it’s a fantastic idea

  • dan says:

    Where can I buy for it ?

  • cao hong sam says:

    Great products.Very subtle and modern

  • Dima says:

    When can I buy it? I want it.

  • Massimo says:

    Where can I buy one? This is the perfect Christmas present for a few of my photographers friends! Please let me know where to find the air camera, thanks!

  • fire pit says:

    This can be use for spy

  • Joy says:


  • Take away the silocon pointer finger and make it a one bluetooth camera with a slim design last for 24 hours and activates by pressing the lens on a ring for the thumb and charge $200 then $400 after the first covering of all loans made.

  • javirol says:

    I laughed a lot with this video which presented a transparent iPhone, as revolutionary.

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