A Bag that Puts the Fun in Function


I can’t stress enough on how much I value diversity in design. We’ve showcased thousands of bags on the platform before and we continue to do so only because we believe in showcasing something for everybody, and that diversity (in needs and their solutions) is something worth marveling. Over the years we’ve looked at bags galore, for modularity, for travel, for holidays, and there’s usually always a common denominator. The material. It’s either leather, or a synthetic fabric, and that lends a typical aesthetic to the bag, making it blend in with your apparel. Not stand out.

Most bag designs are built from the inside to the outside. You design a bag that fulfills the functional brief, and then build the aesthetic around that template. The Liger01, however, tackles both simultaneously. Designed not as just a great bag but also an aesthetic awakening of sorts, the Liger01 is remarkable to look at, and reliable in its usage.

The Liger01 can be broken down into three parts. Two functional solutions, and one aesthetic one. The first being the backpack itself, which is water resistant throughout, and comes even with water resistant easy-to-access pockets. Designed for work, play, and everything in between, the Liger01’s backpack roll-top layout can be expanded to let you store that extra bit more when you’re mixing the work with the weekend. The second part is the Reptile, a repetitive tiling system that lets you mount up to 5 dedicated pouches to your Liger01. This system, popularized by the military, allows you to carry accessories with your backpack that are easy to access without having to open and dig through the bag itself. The Reptiles can store anything from cameras, to notepads, chargers, power-banks, etc.

However, the Liger01’s most significant achievement remains the Manteau… a cloak that sits on top of the bag, allowing you to personalize it to your tastes. Designed as your bag’s personal wardrobe, the Manteau comes in a series of quirky, ethnic styles that let you create a bag that is sure to gather second glances. The manteaus come in solid colors, as well as the military camouflage, but what catches our eye the most are the Indo-ethnic (even Aztec to an extent) prints that give the Liger01 a splash of color, making them look a class apart, because a bag shouldn’t be categorized only by how effectively it does its job. Just like all your apparel, your bag should have character too. Besides, with the beautiful Manteau sitting majestically on the front of your bag, you’ll be able to spot it on the airport carousel from a mile away!

Designer: Portmanteau

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Click here to Buy Now: $110.00 $160.00