No Cars, No Problem

When designing this conceptual project, designer Robert Hagenstrom imagined a world untouched by the automotive industry- a world that had never seen a car. What would urban transport look like if it were invented right at this moment? Likely not the expansive yet restrictive traffic system in place today. With Urban Flower, getting around is re-imagined as safe, electric, uninterrupted smoothness…

Lanes, traffic lights, zebra crossings, standard parking lots, and the car itself would be replaced with compact, solar powered charging stations, and public personal vehicles available at the swipe of a credit card. The personal craft would navigate the streets much in the same way as a person on a crowded sidewalk; aware of surrounding objects, and in constant communication others around it, avoiding congestion as it navigates unique routes to its destination.

Designer: Robert Hagenstrom


  • I can’t agree more. the fact we have so many cars and everybody is driving is horrible

  • vinuiyer says:

    Paradox… there would be no ‘today’ if the car was not invented earlier!

  • NotARaceCar says:

    Vinuiyer hit the nail on the head; the automobile is the reason the world is at it is.

    Plus, on a more basic level, without the car we wouldn’t have an infrastructure for travel that this vehicle needs, either.

    Plus, it’s just another ugly pod like thing.

  • Looks like an one man army vehicle. Like the shield they use in the SWAT team. The aesthetics doesn’t match it’s intentions of being a self aware vehicle of communication, it should look more organic. I was excited reading the description, but the aesthetics looks so utilitarian.

  • Jesuan says:

    I’m sorry but for me looks like a trash can. Roads, vans and an old car in a world where there is no car? Nice scenario you chose for the renderings… Normally I try to see the positive side of the projects here but this one is really bad. But keep working. I would suggest you to forget the 3D and start sketching (a lot) if you don’t – it’s important. And some reference for your “communication system” could be Pininfarina Sintesi, they did a good job there with the same idea, you could check it.

  • MDesigns says:

    Agree with Jesuan. It looks like a trash can over a wheelchair. Bad aesthetics, proportions etc…

  • Dorian Gray says:

    I wonder how much of these can actually get into reality. Battery problem? nope. Self-awareness? nope. Cooperative? nope. Informative? Maybe. Accessible? nope. (how much of money are we trying to make it “accessible”?)

    Bad aesthetics, common concept of public vehicles.

  • Teto says:

    stop it!!please

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