A Second Chance

As the name suggests, “A Second Chance” is the latest upcycle project for the VitrA brand that breathes new life into factory waste components. Derived from discarded basin mixer handles, oak elements are added to complete the handles and hold individual candles. The oak box base supports the handles for easy carrying and doubles as storage for additional tea lights.

Designers: Meriç Kara & Serda Çamlı


  • What a great idea! No point putting those spare parts to waste. Companies could even start a second line in selling these to turn their waste into profit.

  • James McKimm says:

    I always wonder seeing such a things where people get the ideas from?
    Looks great!

  • JPereira says:

    What about the handles that don’t fit there?
    This looks like it can be used only on a particular kind of handle and in all honesty…that just makes the product go against the point of the product itself, which seems to be reducing waste.

    Something that would work with a larger variety of handles could work in that sense but this just creates another object for one to have that would eventually create more waste than it set out to reduce.

    The fact that it features only one type of material for production may give this project ways of closing its life cycle in a loop which is always good but unless theres is a way to use more than one type of handle, this becomes just a business oportunity for a manufacturer of a certain luxury line of handles and that takes away any credibility.

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