Renewable Clock

The aptly named ECO clock is made from “100% glass and aluminum renewables.” The designer refuses to give any specifics on the manufacturing process or the clock mechanism so you know what that means? FREE FOR ALL! What we do know about is the magnetic mount system and there’s a special edition version planned . Overall, nice design but I leave it to the commenters to postulate.

Designer: Akos Hunyad


  • Kid says:

    Yeah, awesome…I guess.

  • Akos Hunyad says:

    Well, in addition to the description. I am happy to give anybody any information on the manufacturing process. It’s still under development, the most hard part is making the clock mechanism small enogh to fit inside the body. Yet I’m stuck here, but an idea is always on the way:)

  • Dear akos, really great design ! How to contact you to learn a bit more about it ?

  • Akos Hunyad says:

    Dear Montresdesign,

    You can contact me by mail, adding “hunyadakos” before the world’s biggest e-mail provider, starting with letter “G”.

  • carl says:

    i guess like starcks clock designed 20 years ago

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