Grocery Shopping gets High Tech

We have adopted e-buying and e-selling, but can we a accept e-delivery? While you ponder on the thought, let me tell you about AMMI (Automated Mobile Marketing Intelligence). In lay terms it’s your shopping cart that is totally capable of bringing home your groceries, without you having to step out. You shop online and your goods are sent home using this technologically advanced system that acts as a support between you, the supermarket and the cart. In times when you can’t step out for shopping, this will be a boon!

Designer: Alvin Chan


  • GadgetsBoy says:

    Wow, brilliant idea….making humans lazier everyday lol

  • MDesigns says:

    Some stores already offer to take your order and ship themselves in a delivery truck. Why would anyone want to spend on a vehicle that could easily be intercepted by thieves?

  • Kid says:

    ^— BOOM!

  • Z-Designs says:

    perhaps this could be used in future, like in a minority report setting where transportation is super robotic..haha

  • rdee says:

    this can be used in the future –
    Post nuclear era. 😀
    No need to wear your radiation suit, to buy your grocery.

  • stephen russell says:

    Must for mtn, rural ,beach locales alone.
    Keep prices competitive\
    Or for those homebound who cant sadly shop.
    Now add clothing etc to Mix.

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