Tron Light Cycle v Campbell

Iterations and iterations! If there’s one thing a tech and design writer cannot possibly ignore or resist, it’s Tron. With this brand freaking new movie Tron: Legacy out now, the folks at Disney have basically a sure shot as far as the internet crowd goes, and for the most part, everyone riding on the wave has their own shot at fifteen minutes of fame. Here’s a designer taking that opportunity to the max with some alternate Light Cycle designs made for your pleasure!

This project is simply an exercise in enjoyment with designer Wallace Campbell following what he sees as the essential elements included in a Light Cycle, bringing unto the world another iteration with super sweet bright lights and blackness, all you could ever want.

A hubless wheel system, light trail, and glowing accent lights are amongst Campbell’s self-imposed rules for the bike. Included also are a set of reality based parameters in place to bring the bike closer to a real world production. Included in this list are a windshield, side view mirrors, ecgonomical seat, and more. There is a faring on the left side of the vehicle but not the right simply in order to show off the turbine style engine.

Designer: Wallace Campbell